On this page, some supplementary material is provided for the paper A unified approach to mapping and clustering of bibliometric networks by Ludo Waltman, Nees Jan van Eck, and Ed Noyons (paper, preprint). For additional information, please contact Ludo Waltman.

The figure below shows our combined mapping and clustering of the 1242 most frequently cited publications that appeared in the field of information science in the period 1999-2008. Publications are labeled with the name of the first author. Click on the figure to examine the mapping and the clustering in full detail using the VOSviewer software. In order to run the VOSviewer software, version 6 of Java needs to be installed on your system. The clustering of the publications is also available in a Microsoft Excel file.

Frequently cited information science publications

To try out our unified approach to mapping and clustering, there are two possibilities: